20,000 DAYS ON EARTH (Ian Forsyth, Jane Pollard 2014)
 An immersive fiction-stye self-portrait by the Australian Nick Cave
INTERSTELLAR Staring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway
Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures Present In Association with Legendary Pictures A Syncopy/Linda Obst Productions Production  A Film by Christopher Nolan Display settings
Keanu Reeves Gets Wicked
Someone lit his fuse… And now John Wick is fueled up and ready to give them what they deserve. Grab an inside look NOW at Keanu Reeves battling it out with the gangsters in this dangerous NEW trailer for the action-packed thriller, JOHN WICK!
INTO THE WOODS opens in theaters December 25, 2014
  INTO THE WOODS opens in theaters December 25, 2014!  
LIFE OF CRIME (Daniel Schechter2013)
Friends indeedFor a fun time, go see Life of Crime. Go to the late show, when the real fans are there. Not the dopes who just want a popcorn movie, but the ones who really know what they're in for. Or you may not know, but you soon will.
MY OLD LADY (Israel Horovitz 2024) - PREVIEW
PREVIEW - Full review will appear tomorrow.
WETLANDS (David Wnendt 2014)
 ​A young German girl blithely embracing life's functions and fluidsSophie Harrison's Guardian review of English-born, German-raised TV personality Charlott
GOD HELP THE GIRL (Stuart Murdoch 2014) - PREVIEW
THIS IS A PREVIEW.  FULL REVIEW WILL APPEAR SHORTLY HERE.   Summer in Glasgow, growing up, forming a band
LOVE IS STRANGE (Ira Sachs 2014)
 Vicissitudes of gay marriage
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