CATCH ME DADDY (Daniel Wolfe 2014)
  Shattering honor killing tale in brutal British realist style 
LISTEN TO ME MARLON (Steen Riley 2015)
  Well rounded if not ground-breaking documentary portrait of Marlon Brando 
IRRATIONAL MAN (Wody Allen 2015)
  In Woody Allen's latest movie 'Irrational Man' a tippling, depressed philosophy teacher finds his sex life and his general mood improve when he commits murder. 
 Recreating Stanford University psychology professor Philip Zimbardo's famous experiment
SOUTHPAW (Antoine Fuqua 2015)
  Up, down, up
A BORROWED IDENTITY (Eran Riklis 2014)
 Growing up on both sides of the fence in Israel
PHOENIX (Christian Petzold 2014)
 What the war made of us
DO I SOUND GAY?  (David Thorpe 2014)
  A lively but not-too-deep American look at what seeming homosexual means
A WOLF AT THE DOOR (Fernando Coimbra 2013)
 Twisted adulterous passion in Rio
TRAINWRECK (Judd Apatow 2015)
 Potty-mouthed girl sees the light, finds romance
VILLA TOUMA (Suha Arref 2014)--San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, 2015
 Snobbish, repressed Christian Arab women imploding in post-1967 Israel
COURT (Chaitanya Tamhane 2014--New Directors/New Films--now in US release
  A cool, yet humanistic, look at "justice" in India 
ARDOR (Pablo Fendrik 2014)
 Rumble in the jungle
FANTASTIC FOUR | Last Trailer Released!
20th Century Fox has released the last trailer for their upcoming film, FANTASTIC FOUR!   See Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, and Toby Kebbell in this final trailer now! Display settings
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