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Ann DeVere - Editor in Chief

If you have aspirations to be on Good Morning America, CNN, 60 minutes or Host Your Own TV Show, Ann DeVere is your ‘go-to expert’ to get you ready and on your way Global Visibility. She is an Author, Speaker, Strategist and the executive producer of “Access To Experts TV,” “Meet The Press LIVE” and “Turn Your SHOW Into CA$H” Reality TV Show. Her international client list covers the globe.


With over 20-years in international business consulting and marketing she knows how to package you to attract your ideal audience. Ann DeVere has cracked the code on harnessing the power of TV interviews for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to turn their Expertise, Teleseminars, Webinars, Seminars, Coaching & Consulting sessions into their own WebTV Show and position themselves as the “GO TO SHOW HOST” in Their Industry!!!

Ann’s passion for small business was sparked in the mid 80's when she started out in the highly competitive New York City Real Estate Market, she then moved into the apparel industry. Owning and operating a retail business evolved into an executive position in the international fashion manufacturing industry.

After starting her own full service international consulting firm, Ann saw a tremendous need for marketing assistance for small business owners such as herself. With this purpose in mind she shifted her focus and considerable talent to creating marketing systems that help small business owners develop and implement their own marketing blueprints.
By integrating proven marketing strategies implemented by Topline Business Solutions Inc. for their Fortune 500 clients with video marketing strategies designed for small business owners, Ann has leveled the playing field for everyone by making it easy for entrepreneurs and small business owners to harness the power of on-camera interviews to get local, national or global exposure.



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