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HOT OFF THE PRESS!!! I'm so thrilled to announce that I am now the official Editor-In-Chief of www.ICPlaces.com ! If you don't know what IC Places is, well, the best way to describe it is that it’s a cross between Huffington Post, The Hollywood Reporter, Yelp and Angie's List for business owners, It was the brainchild of the Producer and Host of "Hollywood Fast Lane", Steve Samblis. Some of our notable contributors are: Zig Ziglar, Pat Buchanan, Chuck Norris, Michael Reagan, John Stossel, Margo Howard, and many others. This opportunity is now available to you as part of our team of Reporters and Content Contributors.

Why is this great news for you? My position here just opened up countless doors of opportunities for ALL of the gifted experts in my circle of influence - whether you own a brick and mortar business, an online business, or Information marketing business – you have a platform to interact & connect on a much deeper level with your best clients, collaborators and advocates. By having easy access to, and even becoming a reporter and correspondent for IC Places in over 350 cities, you have many opportunities to be interviewed and showcase your business to Local, National and International audiences!

On June 5-7, 2015, you are invited to join us at our studio in Los Angeles for a 3 Day Intensive, during which we will be training Reporters and Guest Experts to expand their Global Visibility and grow their followers. www.TurnYourInterviewsIntoCash.com . This is the event where:
• Show Hosts and Reporters will learn to conduct on location interviews as well as Red Carpet Interviews at Special Event and Trade Shows as a Media representatives.
• Experts and Business owners will learn how to give power packed 3 minutes interviews and 30 Second Video Tips that will elevate their Expert Status in the Global Marketplace.

Most of the interviews conducted during this 3 Day Intensive will be immediately posted on ICplaces, GVN TV (Global Visibility Network) and Access To Experts. I look forward to showing you how you too, can elevate your brand positioning and visibility through the power of TV interviews! Join us! See why over 30 leaders and influencers, including Steve Samblis Emma Tiebens DC Cordova, Marsh Engle, June Davidson, Alex J Moscow Craig Valine Joyce Bennett-Hall, Lori Hart Suzanne Ross Charles Hai Nguyen Shirlene Reeves Eric L. Smith, Carol Hodges and Maya White will all be there support each other and make connections to expand their Global Visibility. How would you like to have these powerful leaders as your circle of influence? What will happen when the world sees you for Who You Really Are? What impact will that have on your life? Register now and we'll see you there! www.TurnYourInterviewsIntoCash.com.

Ann DeVere

Editor in Chief


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Ann DeVere - Editor in Chief

If you have aspirations to be on Good Morning America, CNN, 60 minutes or Host Your Own TV Show, Ann DeVere is your ‘go-to expert’ to get you ready and on your way Global Visibility. She is an Author, Speaker, Strategist and the executive producer of “Access To Experts TV,” “Meet The Press LIVE” and “Turn Your SHOW Into CA$H” Reality TV Show. Her international client list covers the globe.


With over 20-years in international business consulting and marketing she knows how to package you to attract your ideal audience. Ann DeVere has cracked the code on harnessing the power of TV interviews for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to turn their Expertise, Teleseminars, Webinars, Seminars, Coaching & Consulting sessions into their own WebTV Show and position themselves as the “GO TO SHOW HOST” in Their Industry!!!

Ann’s passion for small business was sparked in the mid 80's when she started out in the highly competitive New York City Real Estate Market, she then moved into the apparel industry. Owning and operating a retail business evolved into an executive position in the international fashion manufacturing industry.

After starting her own full service international consulting firm, Ann saw a tremendous need for marketing assistance for small business owners such as herself. With this purpose in mind she shifted her focus and considerable talent to creating marketing systems that help small business owners develop and implement their own marketing blueprints.
By integrating proven marketing strategies implemented by Topline Business Solutions Inc. for their Fortune 500 clients with video marketing strategies designed for small business owners, Ann has leveled the playing field for everyone by making it easy for entrepreneurs and small business owners to harness the power of on-camera interviews to get local, national or global exposure.



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