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Imagination TV is the first 24/7 network of its kind, guided by hosts throughout the day who offer insightful commentary and background on each feature presentation. It is built around the World's most fascinating and compelling Educators, Motivators and Authors and is geared to Inspire, Educate, Enlighten, Motivate and Entertain its audience.

Imagination TV is now available through the world's first and largest IP-delivered digital television platform free of charge at myImaginationtv.com, FilmOn.com, icplaces.com and via the FilmOn Apps for iPhone, iPad, Facebook, Lenovo, Roku,Win 8 and Droid devices.

Alki David, Digital Media Entrepreneur and Billionaire Founder of FilmOn.com said…“We are extremely excited to add Imagination TV to our offerings. Having Hosts guide the viewer through Imagination TV’s programing will be a game changer for the Self-Help industry.  With this unique approach, I believe Imagination TV will do for the Self-Help industry what MTV, at its inception, did for music."

Meet two of Imagination TV’s premier content partners… Greg S. Reid and Simon T. Bailey.   

Greg S. Reid is a natural entrepreneur known for his giving spirit and a knack for translating complicated situations into simple, digestible concepts. Greg has published over forty-five books, twenty-eight best sellers, including The Millionaire Mentor, Positive Impact, and Wake Up, Live the Life You Love.  Greg has produced five motion pictures, and has been featured in countless magazines.  Recently, Greg has been hand selected by The Napoleon Hill Foundation to help carry on the teaching found in the bible of personal achievement – Think and Grow Rich. 

One of Greg’s movies featured on Imagination TV is “Think and Grow Rich - Three Feet From Gold”. This movie is based on the principles outlined in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, and illustrates Hill’s principals of success. 

Greg Reid said about Imagination TV… "I am so excited to a part of the launch of this innovated TV Network. A hosted Self-Help TV Network can offer a unique voice in the industry and help viewers gain a greater perspective about the shows they are watching."

Simon T. Bailey is a Leadership Imagineer, whose expertise equips emerging leaders with tips, tools and techniques on how to release potential in the world’s most important asset…twenty-five people.  He is the former leader of the world-renowned Disney Institute and founder of Brilliance Institute, Inc. Speaker Magazine cited Simon as one of the top twenty-five “hot speakers” shaping the profession. He is an author of seven books, such as Release Your Brilliance, published by HarperCollins, was ranked number 17 of the Top 100 books being read by Corporate America. 

“Simon Says Speak: How to Win and Influence Audiences” is featured on Imagination TV.  In the show Simon will help you to unleash the power, potential and passion that is within you to overcome speech anxiety or any inhibitors that prevent you from sharing your truth. The show will teach you how to connect with confidence by learning how to win over and influence 10 to 10,000 people.

Simon T. Bailey comments on joining Imagination TV… “I am honored to be apart of the Imagination TV movement. This self-help experience will positively impact people everyday, every way, and on every device imaginable.”

Meet the Imagination TV Hosts…

Tatham Maree “Tamee” Harrison - Network and UnCommon Denominator Host

Tamee was born in Perth, Western Australia, grew up in Vienna, Austria and Kent, UK. For almost a decade, Tamee was a Warner Music Europe solo recording artist, with four top-10 and 2 top-20 music chart achievements, has multiple music awards and nominations, is the proud owner of the UN honorary medal for singing for the UN Peace Keeping Forces in Syria and Kosovo and has toured the globe.

As a TV host, Tamee has been a VJane for MTV, has presented many prestigious shows in Europe and the USA in English and German, such as Dancing With The Stars Austria, The Austrian Amadeus Music Awards, The Backstreet Boys 20th Anniversary Celebration, The Vienna Opera Ball and Mix:LA. Tamee has also hosted numerous national infomercials and commercials including TopStyler by InStyler, GoDaddy and Christina Cosmetics plus travel, behind the scenes and entertainment news shows.

Kabby Borders - Network Host

Kabby is a Kentucky native in Los Angeles, California expanding her career her in film, television and hosting. Kabby earned her BFA in acting from Elon University in North Carolina where she hosted the University's sports show 'Elon Phoenix Weekly,' was the football sideline reporter and graduated Cum Laude. Throughout the past two years in LA, Kabby has appeared in various TV and film spots including Orange is the New Black and Showtime's Ray Donovan. Kabby is thrilled to be a part of the launch of Imagination TV and the innovative teachings the network offers to professionals.

Jon Mack  - Network Host

Jon is an American actress, musician and producer who first came to national attention through her performance of Ava Gardner in the 1999 Emmy Award-winning biopic Introducing Dorothy Dandridge starring Halle Berry. Mack played Connie, a soccer mom hoping to score in the 2012 Playing For Keeps starring Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel and Catherine Zeta Jones. She appeared in Straight A’s with Anna Paquin, Ryan Phillippe and Luke Wilson and Spiders with Patrick Muldoon and Christa Campbell. She is currently working on her band Auradrone' third album.

Imagination TV is Creating Original Content… 

Imagination TV is producing original content for the Network. The first show in production is Uncommon Denominator.

The show shoots from the sound stage at Empire Media Center in Glendale CA. Hosted by Imagination TV founder Steven Samblis and Tamee Harrison, the show follows a modern day business man (Samblis), as he sets out each week on journey to meet and interview the highest achievers on the planet.

Each week, Steve will meet with another Mogul of business and life in his journey to find out with and for our viewers what makes the highest achievers and the greatest business people succeed.  Tamee guides the audience from the studio and gives insights as Steve continues on the journey. 

The show will explore with each Mogul the traits that stand out within them that are the key to their greatness. The show will look to find those UnCommon traits that can be found within all these high achievers, that thing we can call the “UnCommon Denominator.” As each episode unfolds the picture will organically develop what made the most successful business leaders flourish, who they are and how the viewers can apply the same to their lives.

The premier episode guest will be Best Selling Author and founder of The Human Potential Project, Chris Majer.  Chris is a modern day entrepreneur, innovator, and adventurer who has trekked the wilds of Africa, Alaska, and the Amazon.  He is a Rugby player with a Master Degree who has taught hand-to-hand combat to Marines, performance principles to the Special Forces, and leadership, management, strategy and innovation to the corporate world.

Chris Majer said about the Network… “Imagination TV is a long overdue breakthrough as it makes the work of this generations great self-development teachers available to everyone.  I am proud to be the first featured guest and intend to do some great work with Steve and his team.”

At the end of the 13 episode season the show will publish a book called UnCommon Denominator. The book will layout what we have learned from and about these high achievers throughout the series and how anyone can apply the lessons to business models and personal achievement goals. The book will be available as an eBook at www.MyImaginationTV.com the day of the final episode.


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About Imagination TV

Imagination TV is a 24/7 day parted Television Network built around the World's most fascinating Motivators, Educators and Authors, delivering programing geared to Inspire, Motivate and Entertain our audience. The Network is a wholly owned subsidiary of IC Places, Inc.

About IC Places

IC Places is a trans-media entertainment complex that produces entertainment for distribution for distribution across multiple mediums. This foot print includes online partnerships with FilmOn.com and terrestrial partnerships which delivers its content to Checkout TV Network, HDTV Network, Dining Network and 7-11 TV.

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