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IC Places, Inc. Symbol: PNCH  is a trans-media entertainment complex that produces entertainment for distribution for distribution across multiple mediums. This footprint includes online partnerships with Filmon.com and terrestrial partnerships which delivers its content to Checkout TV Network, HDTV Network, Dining Network, 7-11 TV and ClearVision Airport Network.

Through multiple, long-term partnerships, clips and full episodes of the company's shows are available to people outside the traditional set top box. This exposure serves as both a profit center and marketing component promoting the company's TV Networks, its lineup and the company's new media specific programming across multiple platforms.


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UnCommon Denominator:

Each week, Steven Samblis will meet with another mogul of business and life in his journey to find out (with our viewers) what makes the highest achievers and the greatest business people succeed.  Imagination TV has a Master Mind Board that will meet with Steve for each show and send him out with an introduction to the business icons.

Through Steve's unique approach he brings the viewer's back each week with another tip "'keys to greatness" found within the Moguls he interviews.  The show will explore to find within each Mogul the traits that stands out within them that is the key to their greatness. The show will look to find those UnCommon traits that can be found within all these high achievers, that thing we can call the "UnCommon Denominator." As each episode unfolds the picture will organically develop what made the most successful moguls flourish, who they are and how the viewers can apply to their lives. 

This is a reality show with real people, real moguls, and real icons with real answers. 

At the end of the 13 episode season the show will publish a book called UnCommon Denominator. The book will layout what we have learned from and about these high achievers throughout the series and how anyone can apply the lessons to business models and personal achievement goals.  The book will be available as an eBook at www.MyImaginationTV.com the day of the final episode.

The new weekly reality based TV show is a modern day telling similar to the life path of Napoleon Hill as he set out to create the greatest self-help book ever written, "Think and Grow Rich".

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