Satyajit Ray's APU TRILOGY restored: THE WORLD OF APU (1959)
  Ray's protagonist finally tested
Satyajit Ray's APU TRILOGY restored: APARAJITO (1956)
  The biter, beautiful taste of youthful ambition
A BORROWED IDENTITY  (Eran Kiplis 2014)
  ​ Growing up on both sides of the fence in Israel
MIDNIGHT SWIM (Sarah Adina Smith 2014)
  Sisters by the lake and mom's gone and drowned, maybe
TESTAMENT OF YOUTH (James Kent 2014)
 Vera Britain's WWI memoir is deeply touching, solemn and well made but a little conventional 
INSIDE OUT  (Pete Doctor 2105)
 Even Pixar kids need to get the blues
EDEN (​Mia Hansen-Løve 2014)
   Drugs, women, and song: a subtle hymn to rave music that's a bit too much
GABRIEL  (Lou Howe 2014)
  Lost boy
THE TRIBE  (Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy 2014)
 School of hard knocks for the deaf seen in gestural tableaux
SET FIRE TO THE STARS (Andy Goddard 2014)
Wet Welsh poet Dylan Thomas' first tour of America, dramatized in a new fi
REBELS OF THE NEON GOD (Tsai Ming-liang 1992-reissue 2015)
  Dissolute youths in Taipei haunt Tsai's classic debut
THE WOLFPACK (Crystal Moselle 2015)
 Family confinement-cum-film school -- the strange upbringing of the Angulo brothers
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