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WESTERN (Bill Ross, Turner Ross 2015)
Life along the border gone tragically wrongThe Ross brothers, Bill and Turner, have focused in their third
GOODNIGHT MOMMY (Severin Fiala & Veronika Franz 2014)
Twins want their mommyThe Austrian film Goodnight Mommy is chilly, strange, and elegant. It's classy, even upper-class, horror.
BREATHE (Melanie Larent 2014)
 Poison girlfriends
TIME OUT OF MIND (Oren Moverman 2014)
   How a star can go unrecognized: panhandling at Astor Place
MISTRESS AMERICA Noah Baumbach 2015)
Gerwig charms again, but she and Noah settle for easy
AMERICAN ULTRA (Nima Nourizadeh 2015)
Misdirecting a comedy genre-busterWhat American Ultra first has to recommend it is its stars, Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg, a combo both obvious and odd (they wer
THE SECOND MOTHER (Anna Muylaert 2015)
 Family and class rearrangements in São Paolo

GUIDANCE (Pat Mills 2014)

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GUIDANCE (Pat Mills 2014)
STEAK (R)EVOLUTION  (Franck Ribière 2014)
  The perfect steak may be outside your price range--or your healthy zone
COP CAR  (Jon Watts 2015)
  Little runaways and a bad guy and a heck of a joy ride
GRANDMA (Paul Weitz 2015)
  Lily Tomlin shows her stuff
Actors' emotions are pure; movie's commercial motives, not This music group biopic has standard feature
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