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The Joseph Collins Lie
Recently Joseph Collins answered some questions on the cyber squatter Larry’s website.  I won’t focus on this site but I want to go over one of the lies by Collins in his reply. Collins said… “I want investors to understand that I never held the reins to IC Punch Media. It was not my call, nor was I aware that Steven Samblis was making the announcement in regards to the $12 million dollars in revenue. That was a decision that Steven Samblis unilaterally made.”
DTCC Lifts Chill On IC Places Common Stock
IC Places, Inc. is pleased to announce that DTCC has resolved all issues and cleared the Company to resume accepting deposits of the Company's common stock for book entry transfer services. All deposit restriction chills have been removed and the Company is now once again fully "DTCC Eligible". The re-instatement of the DTC depository services is an instrumental and enormous accomplishment for IC Places.
IC Places CEO Retains Attorney to Seize Cybersquatting Websites
IC Places CEO has retained the services of Steven L. Rinehart esq. to seize cybersquating websites. Mr. Rinehart  focuses much of his practice on Internet domain name disputes. No matter where in the U.S. or world they are located, he has helped many clients successfully file UDRP complaints to seize Internet domains which rightfully should belong to them.
IC Places Signs Strategic Alliance Agreement With 3D Virtual Web To Joint Market and Develop Virtual World City
IC Places, Inc. OTCQB: Symbol PNCH. (http://www.icplaces.com) and 3D Virtual Web, Inc. have signed an agreement to  jointly marketing and develop Virtual World City.  Virtual World City is an online virtual world created by 3D Virtual Web, Inc.  Under the agreement the companies will joint market and share in revenues from the resulting commerce.
Current State of IC Places
I feel we have turn a corner for the company. We just finished a name change, reverse stock split and new cusip number. 
Girl Scout Sells Cookies at a Cannabis Clinic in San Francisco
Looking to drum up some new business, 13-year-old Girl Scout Danielle Lei and her mom set out for a San Francisco medical marijuana clinic on Monday, armed with boxes of Tagalongs, Dulce de Leches and other cookie varieties she and other scouts sell annually.
A Brief Comment of the State of the Broadcast Television Marketplace
The steady growth of tablet TV, mobile media, and second-screen viewing means media publishers must adopt a forward-thinking, multi-screen video strategy to reach connected audiences on all screens.Mobile and tablet share of online video views more than doubled year-over-year, increasing 133% from September 2012 to September 2013.
IC Punch Media, Inc. Makes Saving on Prescription Drugs Easy
IC Punch Media, Inc. (OTCQB: PNCH) announced today the VU Television Discount Prescription Card Program to save its viewers money on the cost of prescription drugs. In conjunction with the launch of the company’s VU Television Network, The company is now making prescription drug discount cards available to everyone.  Best of all, the cards are available at no cost by visiting http://www.icplaces.com/prescription-discount-card and signing up online.
Filmon Launches 24/7  Hollywood Fast Lane Broadcast Channel
Begining today, in partnership with Filmon.com "The Hollywood Fast Lane" is broadcasting 24/7 at Filmon.com. Anyone on the world can now watch all the show's past and current episodes with the top Directors and Actors  in Hollywood as they take you inside the biggest block busters of the year. About The Hollywood Fast Lane You can now watch VU Television's  "The Hollywood Fast Lane" channel live at Filmon - http://www.filmon.com/tv/hollywood-fast-lane . Display settings
The Basher's Handbook
Reprinted here as a service to those who doubt this actually exists, or is simply an unfounded urban legend. Is the "Bashing" of a stock an essential part of the online investment landscape?
IC Places Shows Begin Airing Over connectiVISION Digital Networks
LOS ANGELES, Aug. 22, 2012 -- IC Places, Inc.
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